Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Carnival Aftermath - VSCO Film Test

Via Flickr:
Notting Hill Carnival is an assault on the senses and after a day taking it in when you finally get to sit down you zone out! Haha! I think we sleep ate our pizza's on this occassion we were so tired!

So this is just a test of the VSCO Film presets/film emulator, it's really unusual for me not to take an image into PS, even if only for some very minor adjustments so editing this solely in LR was a big change for me!! I've got to say i quite like the presets so far, I think they will find their way in to my regular workflow, for batch editing these will probably be enough, but for individual images I will still probably take them in to PS to do a bit more work!

This I think was the HP5+ preset with auto black and potentially additional grain, take a look large, i think it's quite a nice filmy look.

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