Friday, 2 March 2012

Ibiza - Roman Crash Helmet?

Ibiza - Roman Crash Helmet? by Danger 80
Ibiza - Roman Crash Helmet?, a photo by Danger 80 on Flickr.

While in Ibiza we managed to find ourselves in the middle of the Roman and Carthaginian Festival. Many participants were dressed in period costume, the Romans were led along the beach to the battlefield by a 'General' on horse back, the Carthaginian's mostly arrived by boat storming ashore to commence battle .... which basiclally involved pelting each other with tomatoes, the Roman's even had a secret weapon, a massive catapult!! I couldn't help myself but get in the action and take some shots, I got covered in tomato seeds but managed to avoid being hit!

This guy was on the Roman's side and obviously knew what to expect with tomatoes flying from all angles .... though I don't remember reading about Roman's wearing crash helmets when I was in school?!

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