Thursday, 8 March 2012

X100 - New Love

X100 - New Love by Danger 80
X100 - New Love, a photo by Danger 80 on Flickr.

So Focus On Imaging 2012 was an eventful one .... this little beauty somehow found it's way home with me!

Love it so far and quite excited by the fact I have managed to sync my canon 430EX with it at 1/1000th sec using RF602's!

Highlight of the show included getting hands on with the 5DMk3, 1DX and the Fujifilm XPro1 ..... I loved the XPro1, it's larger than I thought it would be and the focus is slowish, but IQ looked good and it feels and looks fantastic. The 1DX felt fantastic and seemed to performer like a trooper, super quick. The 5DMk3? I don't think I'll be rushing out for one just yet at £3k, focus seemed to be greatly improved and according to the sale guy much of the insides have been upgraded, I wasn't taken with the feel of it though.

Anyhow, this was lit by a single 430EX at 1/4 power, through Westcott 43" shoot through umbrella fired by RF602.

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